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New Zealand Campervan Hire

Our rental business rents campervans ready for rental within Auckland and Christchurch. We offer 3 kinds of campervans to choose from.

Micro Campervan

Micro campervans are available for hire within our depot located at Auckland and Christchurch. My cheapest version of camper van for hire. The camping vehicle curtains all around, a folding bed, a folding table with chairs, single ring gas cooker, a kitchen set, cooler box, a container for water, electrical cord to use in a holiday park, in addition to camping light. It includes a tent which fits above the back hatch providing standing room to change clothes. The tent is water resiliant and is designed to be fixed in the earth.

Thrifty Camper van

Our middle range type has more space and caters for 2 persons. It has been designed with a comfortable and private with curtains. It contains a day sofa which changes to 2 single or 1 double bed. There is a cabinet with a fold down table is placed at the rear of the vehicle for making a meal. Cooking and preparing meals is convenient with a twin ring gas cooker with a grilling plate. You can cook meals while standing in the awning that covers ontop of the back hatch. Cooking and eating kit includes a saucepan, one frying pan, sharp knife, fish slice, plates, cups, bowls, eating utensils, and a dish brush, and tea towel. The cars other features are water container, electrical connection when using power sites at holiday parks, with outdoor light. The vehicle has a 1500 cc engine.

Economy Campervan

This camping vehicle features the same interior design as the Thrifty car. Except this vehicle features a more powerful 1,800cc sized motor.


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Campervan hire in Timaru

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